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MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd in Whittlesey, Peterborough is a family-run, fully mobile business with over 30 years of experience in sandblasting and commercial blast cleaning services.


At MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd, we have many years of experience in shot blasting and sand blasting for several applications. We can adjust the blast media we use, as well as the pressure it is fired at, ensuring we do not cause any damage to the surface we are cleaning. We have over 30 years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge that can be applied to any blasting project we undertake. From listed buildings and delicate stonework to expensive agricultural and industrial machinery, we can take care of it all. The areas we cover include:


Interested in blast cleaning services? We offer mobile shot blasting, cleaning and paint treatments within Peterborough and on a nationwide basis. Get in touch for more information and a free, highly-competitive quote.

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Wooden Beams Image


We have many years of experience in cleaning wooden beams and trusses. We are able to adjust both the blast media we use as well as the pressure it is fired at, ensuring that we do not cause any damage to the wood.

We appreciate that you may have a listed building and may be apprehensive about blast cleaning. However you can rest assured knowing that we can demonstrate to you just how gentle our methods can be. If you require more information about our timber sandblasting service, then please get in touch and our professional and friendly team can help.


As well as interior beams, we are also able to treat exterior beams and wooden cladding. Once blast cleaned, we would strongly recommend that all outside timber is properly treated for weatherproofing purposes. Regular maintenance of exposed beams and trusses will not only keep them looking their best, but will also greatly extend the life of the woodwork. Keep your costs down and everybody's eyes up by restoring the natural beauty of your beams.


With over 30 years' experience in this industry and a reputation that precedes us, MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd is the right choice for all timber blast cleaning and refinishing jobs.

Graffiti Removal


Whether you need an experienced and qualified blast cleaning service for a large construction project or simply just a touch up on your property, our flexible and friendly team can help. We have the equipment and the knowledge to deliver on your blast cleaning requirements. So whether you need our high pressure jet blast cleaning service for your home or business, here at MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd, we can help restore your property's surface to its former glory. From large civic projects to individual homes, we have the expertise to restore stone and brickwork to a polished finish.

We can adjust both the pressure and the abrasives we use to guarantee a perfect finish and restore your stone and brickwork without causing any damage to your property.


Paints and spray paints - whether on brickwork or steel structures - are no problem whatsoever for our blast cleaning specialists. We can remove all types of graffiti without causing damage to the original surface. MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd offers a complete service, from the initial blast clean through to professionally applied protective coatings and paintwork. Our blast cleaning is perfect for patios, stonework, brickwork, beams, trusses, gates and railings, graffiti removal and more. Call now for a quote. 

Steelwork blast cleaning


MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd is equipped to carry out both domestic and industrial steelwork cleaning and blasting. So whether it's your garden gate or a road bridge, we will carry out the task with the same level of professionalism and deliver to you a structure with a new lease of life. Alongside blast cleaning for gates, railings, security grills, fire escapes, fireplaces and structural steelwork, we also offer plant and machinery cleaning services.

Plant and machinery constitute one of the biggest investments any company will make and looking after one's investment is - of course - paramount. By blast cleaning your heavy machinery, you are ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Blasting and refinishing will help extend the working life of your plant and our team can visit your site to carry out the work, taking the hassle and worry away.

Machinery Cleaning


It is very easy to ignore the punishment we put some of our heaviest machinery through and this is something that everyone will do. However, nothing lasts forever, and a trailer or piece of agricultural machinery that is corroding or rotting is a very expensive piece of kit to replace. At MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd in Peterborough, we believe in maintaining agricultural machinery by simply using a blast cleaning service that can deliver results. Don’t allow your machinery to reach the stage where you are thinking of replacing it. By subjecting your trailers, tractors or machinery to blast cleaning, you can extend their working lives considerably.


Blast cleaning will remove not only build-up of dirt and grease but will also remove any rust or corrosion that may be eating away at your equipment. Once your machinery has been stripped back, it will be ready for a new application of paint or another suitable protective coating.


Our team at MWH Shot Blasting Specialists Ltd like to provide a flexible service and we can visit your site with our mobile unit. This means that we can clean or paint your entire fleet without you having to remove them from the business for any considerable length of time.

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